About Me

Hello and thank you for visiting my site!

My name is Nicola. I’ve been working with Group B Strep Support and The Doctor’s Laboratory since 2007.  Back then, I started offering free Group B Strep Testing Kits through my website MumStuff.

GBS Team

From little acorns do great oaks grow, as the saying goes, and over the years I have dispatched over 100,000 free GBS Test kits!

I have also worked with Group B Strep Support (GBSS) to raise awareness of Group B Strep with mums to be and midwives in the UK.  I worked with Pregnancy & Birth Magazine, who ran an GBS awareness campaign in 2010, and managed to get lots of local and national press to promote the cause.  As you can see from the photograph, my team and I also ran (ok, walked!) to raise funds for Group B Strep Support and I continue to support the charity to this day.

After I sold the business, I still felt very strongly about women having access to free Strep B test kits.  So, in 2014,  I decided to set up this site to make sure the kit continues to be freely available.

Since being involved with GBS awareness, I have seen a close friend and my own sister diagnosed as Strep B positive in their pregnancies. Both were given intravenous antibiotics during labour.  I’m delighted to say that both had healthy babies but if they had not been tested the outcome could have been very different.  I am passionate about this cause and I’m so pleased you have chosen to look into GBS in more detail.  It is so frustrating that the NHS don’t offer free tests to all pregnant women. This is something we are campaigning for but until they do, at least there is an option of having a private, reliable ‘gold standard’ ECM test from a reputable, accredited laboratory –  The Doctors Laboratory.

Please order a test here now and have a think about taking it…  There is NOTHING to pay to get the test kit –  so what have you got to lose…?

Wishing you all the best during your pregnancy and beyond…